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Important Announcement

The MATA Board is devastated by the news of another senseless bombing in the heart of Istanbul near Taksim Square. On November 13th, Sunday afternoon a bomb took the lives of 6 civilians and injured over 80 others. No one has taken responsibility, but this event has shattered the peace and tranquility of a nation.

We offer our condolences and prayers to everyone impacted by this senseless and cowardly act.

The people of Turkey are strong, united, and will overcome this terrorist act.

Taksim Square is where the people of Turkey have historically demonstrated in support of their grievances, most recently against the government’s position on Gezi Park.

As the MATA Board we condemn the cowardice act and reaffirm our commitment to democratic governance. No political statement can be made at the cost of innocent civilian lives. We hope that those involved in the heinous crime are brought to justice swiftly.

Peace at Home, Peace in the World.

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